1. Do you use MSG in your food?
    • There is zero MSG used in our confinement meals as we believed in providing nutritional and healthy meals
  2. Can I see your menu that are planned on a weekly basis?
    • We do not pre-planned the menu as we have over 100 different confinement meals to ensure that our customer get to enjoy a variety of healthy and delicious confinement dishes. As we use the freshest ingredients, hence the menu planning can change according to the market supply.
  3. When can I order the meals prior to my EDD?
    • You can place your confinement meal plans order anytime with us. But do give us notice of at least 5 working days.
  4. Do you offer Trial meals?
    • Yes we do, in fact, we encouraged you to take up the Trial to taste the quality of the confinement meals that we have prepared. Each customers are entitled to order a Trial meal with us at only $30nett.
    • Payment can be made via cash, cheque or interbank transfer. Please indicate your customer reference no and let us know once transfer is made.
  5. I have certain dietary restriction, will you be able to cater for my needs?
    • Yes, we can. But we will need you to let us know 4 weeks beforehand so that we can plan ahead. Please specify what you cannot take. But we cannot omit Ginger and the use of Sesame Oil in our preparation of the confinement meals.
  6. Can I keep the meals in the fridge for consumption the following days?
    • We do not encourage this as all the meals are freshly cooked and best consumed during the day itself to ensure that your body takes in the nutrients necessary for your body to recover from the rigour of child birth.
  7. What time is the delivery for the confinement meals?
    • For Lunch, we will deliver them between 10am-1pm. For Dinner, delivery will be between 4pm-7pm.
  8. How is payment to be made once I confirmed the order?
    • Once order is confirmed, we will collect a deposit that is 30% of the meal plans that you have confirmed.
    • Balance payment will be collected in full upon delivery of the first meal.
    • We offered credit card payment via a secure site Paypal (note; for payment via Paypal only full payment is accepted).
    • You can also choose to pay the order via cheque or internet transfer stating clearly your customer reference no.
  9. How are your food delivered?
    • Our food are contained in HACCP, food grade and micro-wave safe bento boxes. We have adopted an advance technology to use a specialised equipment to seal the bento to prevent any food contamination and even spillage during delivery.
    • The bento boxes are then transported using our thermal bags. Each customer will be given 2 thermal bags which we will collect daily for the next meal delivery.
    • Please also ensure that there is a hook that is hanged at the gate or door so that our delivery personnel can hang the food.
  10. How do I start my meal plans delivery?
  11. What is the penalty for terminating my order after I made the deposit?
    • The deposit is non-refundable and it cannot be used to offset for other services that we offered. In the event, you like to reinstate, you can but you have to give us 5 working days’ notice.
    • Note : Reinstatement needs to be one month from your EDD.