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Confinement Meals

Confinement is the most critical period for postpartum recovery in women. If confinement is done well, a woman is “reborn”. Otherwise, she will suffer from confinement sickness and health problems for the rest of her life. A balanced and nutritious diet is more important than prepartum. 

Confinement Dietary Contraindications

1. Avoid Cold Foods.

Only warm foods and drinks should be prepared for woman during her confinement. Cold foods, cold drinks ought to be avoided at all cost as they are no good for digestive system recovery.


2. Avoid Hot Foods.

Warm instead of hot foods and drinks are to be consumed by postpartum woman. Hot foods and drinks may harm the teeth and oral mucosa.


3. Avoid Foods and Drinks that are Cool in Nature.

Foods and drinks which are cool in nature should be avoided as these foods cannot enrich Qi and blood. These cold nature foods may affect the digestive system functions, lochia discharge and removal of extravasated blood. Therefore, a postpartum woman is often advised by gynae, TCM doctors, confinement nanny to consume more warm, nourishing foods in order to aid in the recovery of Qi and blood.



4. Avoid Excess Intake of Salt, Oil and MSG

During confinement, one must take less oil and salt to avoid adding burden to the kidneys, prevent constipation and help in body shape recovery. In addition, postpartum woman should avoid consuming too much food that contains MSG as it contains monosodium glutamate. It would enter a new-born’s body through consumption of breast milk which can cause zinc deficiency.


5. Avoid Stimulating Excitant Foods

Alcohol, concentrated tea and coffee are examples of excitant foods that can affect a person’s sleep quality as well as gastrointestinal function. Besides drinks, foods that are spicy or pungent can result in Qi depletion and loss of blood which will worsen Qi and blood that causes constipation.


6. Avoid Astringent Foods.

Women after childbirth will have internal blood stasis. Therefore, sour and astringent foods are not recommended in order to avoid blood blockage and affect lochia discharge.

Herbal chicken soup

Herbal Chicken Soup

pig trotter with ginger and vinegar

Pig Trotter with Ginger and Vinegar

corn and pork ribs soup

Corn and Pork Ribs Soup

Take Care Of Your Body. It’s The Only One You’ve Got.

A mother should grab this golden opportunity to practice good confinement.

Postpartum woman must not neglect her confinement diet as it is closely related to the quality of her breast milk, recovery of body shape and physical strength. We would recommend mummies to order confinement food package or engage confinement nanny to cook home cooked confinement meals for this golden period.

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